Video: Daily Show Crew Threatens Conservatives At RNC

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When you are a TV show that must cut and splice what people have to say in order to get ratings, then you are doing something wrong.

That is exactly what Comedy Central’s the Daily Show was planning on doing to conservatives who happen to be gay.

Standing outside of the “Gays for Trump” event, the Daily Show crew was speaking with people leaving the event with the intentions of editing the interviews to make the gay conservatives look bad.

The whole joke would be ruined if somebody filmed the actual interview. The gig will be up at that point.

Last night, a writer from Breitbart started filming the Daily Show crew on his way out of the even and was then told that he was not allowed.

Knowing his rights, he continued filming and the crew got more hostile and nervous. They tried to intimidate and lie to him, but Joel Pollak wasn’t having it. He continued filming.

At one point, a crew member started to get physical but restrained himself. The entire incident was caught on camera and posted online early this morning.

The Daily Show tucked their tail and ran. Was it because they didn’t want a joke ruined or was it because they didn’t want to be seen changing what people said?

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