Clinton Arrested For DUI In California

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Hillary Clinton’s brother-in-law decided to drink and drive over the weekend and was arrested in California.

Roger Clinton, half-brother of former President Bill Clinton was arrested in Redondo Beach California for driving under the influence.

Roger refused the blood alcohol testing and is being held with a $15,000 bail set.

Roger has been known for his run in’s with the law. Most people don’t remember these days that Roger was convicted on crimes associated with cocaine. Bill Clinton conveniently pardoned the drug charges in 2001.

Roger also got a DUI in 2001. His timing is incredible.

The California primary is Tuesday and Hillary is in an all out brawl to beat Bernie and clinch the delegates needed to win the nomination.

The name, Roger Clinton, brings up a scandal ridden time in the Clinton White House that Hillary would like most people to forget about.

We will see if this has any really effect on the results on Tuesday, but one thing is for sure, the more things change for the Clintons, the more things stay the same.