9 Times Cops Were Awesome In 2015

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Good Cops

These good police officers went virtually unnoticed this past year, probably because being a good person isn’t “news worthy”. We’re going to take a moment to salute these boys in blue for disproving stereotypes and bringing honor to the force.

9 Times cops were caught being awesome this year:

1. Lt. David Natt didn’t let a family spend the night in their car. The road weary Wood family was moving back to Oregon from Alaska and were resorting to staying in their car because they couldn’t afford a motel. When Officer Natt noticed the kids in the car when he was asking Wood to move his vehicle, he didn’t stand for it. He had them follow him to a motel and cashed in on a small fund to help citizens in order to prepay the family’s stay.

2. Commander Brian Peters, of Minnesota, elected to have little fun on his last day before retirement. As he walked his 14 year beat one last time he handed out gift cards instead of tickets. Spending the equivalent of his last paycheck he said, “The citizens and city have been wonderful to me. I am very blessed, so it feels good to give back.”

3. Mark Engravalle, a Kansas police officer, was called to the local WalMart after a woman was caught shoplifting. She had been widowed in 2012 and was desperate after everything had been stolen from her car. She was trying to get diapers and some clothes for her children. He proceeded to take her six children shopping for clothes and shoes. He also purchased baby wipes and diapers for the woman’s twin baby girls, age 2.

4. Officers in Chicago are stepping up to the plate, literally, and coaching kids’ baseball for youth who are from the roughest neighborhoods in the city. The Englewood Police Youth Baseball League is an effort to create relationships with children who are often mistrustful of police and lacking in stable home environments.

5. In Jonesboro, Arkansas, Officer John Shipman stopped to give a young college student a ride. He was just leaving an off duty security job, at 2AM on a cold February night. The college sophomore was walking the four miles from his job to his apartment near campus. Shipman didn’t just give the kid a ride. He started a GoFundMe campaign to get the young man a car. The officer’s request took off and he ended up raising $5,700 for the kid to get a car and pay insurance for a few years. Now, he doesn’t have to walk in the snow.

6. Officers Jason Pavlige and James Hodges, of Michigan, were called to address a woman holding a baby in her lap while parked at a McDonald’s. Ready to issue a citation, after a few moments they realized what they needed to do. The two officers bought, with their own money, a car seat for the 10 month old baby. After installing the seat and teaching the mother and father how to use it, they were only found out because a clerk at WalMart wanted them to be recognized for their kindness and told the police department. Kind and humble!

7. Officers Joe Hutson and John Khillah stopped to help a wheelchair bound man who was attempting to mow his own lawn. After retrieving a mower and trimmer from the public safety department, the officers finished the man’s lawn for him. Bystanders said that their landscaping job was nothing short of perfect.

8. Sheriff’s deputy Zak Ropos stopped by a lemonade stand to get something to drink when he learned that the little girl was hoping to earn money for an iPad. Her family was struggling financially and she had set up outside of her grandmother’s condo in the hopes to raise some funds. Ropos told her mother that he may have an old one at home she could have. After he learned that his was unusable and that the little girl wanted it for games and school work, he bought her a brand new one and delivered it to her!

9. Officer Bill Mayo pulled over a red car this year. Only it was way cuter than you’d think. Jaxon Arbuckle’s mom had set up the “traffic stop” when Mayo was finishing up with a fender bender down the street. Jaxon was playing with his car when the officer gently pulled up behind him and put on his lights. The two year old dutifully pulled over and stopped his plastic car. Jaxon’s mother got pictures of the happiest ciation-getting toddler ever.